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Aus Web Awards

21 August 2015

The Awards close today (Friday, 21st August) and we have a record number of entries.

You can see some of the entries; this year people have the option to publish the sites that they submit.

Congratulations to all who've entered. Not only are you doing great work, you're bold enough to put your work on show and open to improvement. That's why you're at or near the top.

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New committee

21 August 2015

Thanks to all who stood for election to the AWIA Committee. The following people were elected:

John Anderton
Rick Barrett
Susan Cowan
Sam Cross
James Deck
Jessica Field
Patima Tantiprasut

They join current Members:
Adam Fitzgerald
Ricky Onsman
Joe Manariti
Bret Treasure

Like to get involved? Drop us a line.


10 August 2015

AWIA is on Slack, with channels for Port80s in each city, plus Events, Web Awards and Market. All financial members are eligible to join and 80+ already have.

If your company is a business member, multiple staff members can participate.

If you're financial and haven't yet received an invitation, let us know and we'll arrange it smile

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AWIA has become one of the largest dedicated web industry association of its kind in Australia. Our monthly networking meetings regularly attract 40-60 individuals from varying cross-sections of the web industry, our occasional speaking events have attracted 150-200 attendees each, and our online forums have over 450 active participants and a total of over 40,000 posts.

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